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Reef Nutrition is top shelf. As always the pod bottles were bustling with life on arrival, the green stuff looks green and smells like bait so it has to be good. The massive cold packs they use are great for keeping my beer ice freaking cold during hockey games as well. 10/10 I will order again and again.

Wiley Pinkerton
Very High Quality

Arrived alive, high quality with a lot of pods. Best online pod order I have received. Will buy again.

Roger Woods

The shipping was a couple days late and a bit expensive. The product however was better than expected. Like I would have been happy with less. Tons of pods all alive and healthy. The live phyto was incredibly thick. The microscope showed all the different species and was impressed. Pods are reproducing nicely

Matthew Bowen
Great product

Wish there was a little bit more pods but was great non the leas

Philip D'Agostino
Awesome as always

Arrived quickly and well packaged. Tons of pods in each bottle and the Tisbe pods even said they somehow managed to pack even more pods in each bottle. I've ordered pods and phyto from a number of places, and Reef Nutrition is far and away the best!