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Dahen Gomez
Great product

Excellent food for rotifers

Best products, best customer service

I want everyone to know how much I greatly appreciate Reed Mariculture and Reef Nutrition. Their products have supported my ornamental aquaculture production and made my life easy. Besides supporting the industry with their products, they also perform as an excellent source of information that they share with anyone who needs help. They go above and beyond with everything they do. Their products are revolutionary and I honestly could not work a full-time job, be a full-time student, and come home to a thriving home aquaculture business with using their products. Thank you Chad, and everyone else at Reed Mariculture/Reef Nutrition!

Thanks so much for the kind words. Really means a lot!!!!

Chad and Team RMI/Reef Nutrition

Joseph Clemmer
Lost discount

Happy about the products but still irritated over having a discount and then having the company re evaluate who will and will not get discounts moving forward and then taking away a discount that I had already been approved for. New customers I understand but taking away a discount for someone who has already been approved for one......bad customer relations!!!