At first glance, it might appear that some of our products are more expensive than our competitors products, but upon closer examination, you will find that they are actually economical in addition to being of higher quality.

Microalgae (Phytoplankton)

Phyto-Feast and Phyto-Feast Live are super-concentrated, so they are MUCH less expensive than our competitor's.

Want to test that? Get 2 glasses and fill them with water. Add 10 drops of Phyto-Feast and then stir. Then count how many drops of our competitor's products you need to add to get to the same color density. If it takes 3X as many drops, then their product is actually 3X as expensive as it seems.

By the way, make sure to shake our competitor's product before doing the test because their product settles to the bottom. You don't need to shake Phyto-Feast since it does not settle.

Oyster Eggs

The retail price for 6 ounces of Oyster-Feast is $20. The estimated retail price for our competitor's 1 ounce product is $20.

Live Copepods

The factors you will want to compare are Quantity, Size, Health, Guarantee, and I think you will find we win hands-down on each of these. Most of our competitors will not guarantee their products, and most of their copepods are so small that they are difficult to see, and therefore difficult to sell.


At this time there is no competing product to Arcti-Pods


At this time there is no competing product to Roti-Feast